Dec.  2016   Hard-Talk Moderator: Architecture for Prise or Prise for Architecture, Tehran
Oct.  2016    5 Minutes talk: Architecture and Education, Tehran, House of Artists
Jul.   2016    Architettura ed edilizia in Iran: Bolzano
Jul.   2016    Giornata di consulenza sull’Iran: architettura ed edilizia, in Pordenone
Dec. 2015    Interview in a TV show “Sepid”, Amozesh Channel .
Dec. 2015    Interview in a TV show “Taraz”, Ofogh Channel.
Feb. 2015    “Iranian architecture and the problem of Identity”– at the National Congress of the Islamic Style of life and Architecture - Elmo Sanaat University.
Feb. 2015    “Design Challenges”, at Contemporay Architec’s Association.
Jun 2014    Reviewing Mohammadreza Ghoddousi projects, Panel with Arch. Kermanian and Nikbakht, at Ghasr Cultural Center
May 2014     “ Idea and Creativity” Seminar and Workshop at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus
May 2014     'Idea and Creativity, Qazvin Azad University
May 2014     'Idea and Creativity, Organization for Engineering Order of Building, Babolsar    
Mar 2014   'Architects in challenge with business', Azadi Grand Hotel
Jan 2014       'Renzo Piano', Cine Arch, Iranian Artists House                  
Oct 2013 Parametric Design, Centre of Iranian Architectural,
October 2013         Arkimeet 13, lecture in the conference,  perspective of Iranian Architecture, Turkey (7 October 2013)
April 2012              Interview in a TVshow “ TOLOU” (15 April 2012)
January 2012     Interview in a TVshow “ TOLOU” (16 January 2012)
May 2011          “Concept: from general to detail”, lecture in the conference in Mashhad (23 May 2011)
May 2011          “Designing Ugly”, lecture in the conference in Bari, Italy (2 May 2011)
January 2011     Interview in a TVshow “ TOLOU”
July 2010     “Jean Nouvel”, lecture in the Cine Arch, House of Artists, Tehran (22 July 2010)
May 2009     “Design Process in the Architecture”, lecture in the seminar of “Design Process in the Architecture”, Shariati University, Tehran (30 May 2009)
May 2009     “Design Process in the Architecture”, lecture in the seminar of “Design Process in the Architecture”, Azad University, Hamedan (27 May 2009)
May 2009     “Today’s Architecture”, lecture in the educational course of “Iranian Contemporary Architecture”,  Urban and Architecture Studying and Researching Center of the Housing and Urban Development Ministry, Tehran (24 May 2009)
April 2009     “Corporate Architecture Design of Banks”, lecture in the seminar of “Design and Construction Process of Intelligent Agents of Banks and New Executive Methods”, Amphitheater of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization, Tehran (30 April 2009)
April 2009     “Lighting Design and Architecture”, lecture in the MIRMIRAN Institute of Architecture ceremony day, House of Artists, Tehran (22 April 2009), Published in Mémari va Shahrsazi (No. 94/95) Summer 2009
September 2008     Interview in a TVshow “ DO GHADAM MANDE BE SOBH”
August 2008     Design Principles in Architecture, 5 seminars, House of Artists, Tehran
April 2008     Interview with Radio Farhang, Haft Eghlim Program, 10 April
Feb 2008    Architecture and Taste”: House of Artists (17 Feb 2008).
Jan 2008    “Introduction to the Adolf Loos Exhibition”: organized by Kulturforum of the Austrian Embassy. Place: Mellal Palace – Saadabad complex (ex Royal Palaces). 25 Jan 2008, 25 Jan 2008., appeared on Mémar June-July 2008
Dec 2007    “Architecture and Taste”: Azad University of Ghaem Shahr (13 Dec 2007)
Nov. 2007    “Architectural Design: second seminar : Form”, Azad University of Ghazvin (14 Nov. 2007)
Nov. 2007    “Architectural Design: first seminar : Idea”, Azad University of Ghazvin (3 Nov. 2007)
July 2007         "Architecture Competitions", Interview with Radio Farhang, Haft Eghlim Program, , 25 July 2007 (3 Mordad 86).
May 2007         "Iranian Contemporary Architecture After the Islamic Revolution", Interview with Radio Farhang, Haft Eghlim Program, , May 23rd 2007 (2 Khorad 86).
January 2007     "Office Buildings in Tehran", together with Hassan Tajoddin, & Abbas Basiri, interview published on Mémar February-March 2007.  
December 2006     "We have a relatively independent architecture", interview published on Etemad Melli newspaper (in Persian), 7 Dec. 2006
November 2006     "Concept in Architecture", congress organized by the Student Committee of the Azad University, National Library, Tehran (2 Azar 1385)
November 2006    "Original Idea", roundtable about the project of Shiraz Trade Center by Bahram Shirdel, Mémar, Oct. Nov. 2006
January 2006    “Critic of Bahram shokoohian’s latest works”, House of Artists” (18.01.2006)
December 2005    “Nature of Architectural Criticism”, Participating as speaker to the seminar organized by Aga khan Award for Architecture in Kuwait City.
June 2004    “Persia look in costruzioni:: title of article in Sole 24 Ore magazine (06.06.2004)
May 2004    Gas Company Building, Mehrdad Iravanian, Mémar Magazine May 2004
May 2004     Iranian contemporary architecture after the revolution: title of an interview by Radio Lugano Svizzero (17.05.2004)
2004    Interviewed by Mémar regarding the architecture of the public buildings (Mémar Quarterly, Spring 2004)
April 2003     Interviewed by Hmashahri about he earthquake in Bam (03.04.2004), the article is entitled The Importance of Architecture when saving the life is the major issue”
January 2004      Interviewed by “Radio France International RFI” about the earthquake in Bam
December 2003       “Architecture and the society of values”, interviewed by Hamshahri magazine (December 1st) regarding the Mémar Awards for Architecture
October 2003    “Contemporary Iranian Architecture: the last decade”, Radio Farhang, 19 October 2003
September 2003    “Architecture and Function”, Seminar in House of Artists, reviewed by Mémar Autumn 2003
Autumn 2002    A critique on Farshid  Moosavi and Alejandro Zaero Polo’s Yokohama International Port Terminal, appeared in Mémar, Autumn 2002
June 2002    Interviewed by Iranian television Channel 3, concerning the profession of architecture and its current problems in Iran
June 2002    “Pioneers Movement at the Beginning of the 3rd Millenium”, Azad University of Tehran.
May 2002    “Concept in Architectural Project Design”, Azad University of Shiraz
April 2001    "Interviewed by Radio Ticino Canale 1 (Lugano, Swizerland) on Islamic architecture (April 14th 2001)
April 2001    "Iran Between Architecture and Archaeology: the Friday Mosque of Isfahan", organized by the Archaeological Aassociation of Ticino (Swizerland), appeared in the newspapers: “La regione Ticino”, April, 19th 2001: “ Iran e Islam, architettura e archeologia” andCorriere del Ticino, April 12th, 2001: “Iran con occhio dell’architetto, Kamran Afshar Naderi era ospite martedì dell’Associazione Archeologica.
January 2001    "The New Concepts of Architectural Space", The House of Artists, Tehran
November 2000    "How Buildings Lay on the Ground" "The House of Artists, Tehran
October 2000    "Exportation Development Bank", a project of Bahram Shirdel, The House of Artists, Tehran, Iran; the abstract published in Me'mar, Autumn 2000
June 2000        "Renzo Piano Recent Works" The House of Artists, Tehran
Winter 1999    Interview with Me'mar review, published in Me'mar, n.3 winter 1999
October 1999    Chairmanship of lecture series entitled "Architecture and Philosophy" and
"Architecture and People", University Students National Congress, Persepolis, Iran
July 1999    Interviewed by BBC Radio: comments on recent Tehran's Mayor declarations
February 1999    "Euralille Urban Complex and the problems of a new Metropolis", Architecture and Urban Planning Department of Tehran Municipality", the abstract published in Hamshahri newspaper, 17 February 1999 and in Hamgaman Bulletin, nn. 80-81, 1999
September 1997    "Tehran's Future Identity", Nashre Tarikh, Tehran
May 1997    "Building Technology: actual problems", Sharif Technological University, Tehran
Winter 1997    "What can be learned from past architecture", Urban Planning and Architecture Research Centre, Tehran, Iran, The abstract published in Abadi, Winter 1997
November 1996    "Propounding a New Outlook on Urban Architecture", Azad University of Khorasgan, Isfahan
October 1996         "Architectural Litrature", Nashre Tarikh, Tehran
Autumn 1996    "Architecture: Art or Industry", Urban Planning and Architecture research Centre of The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the abstract published in Abadi, Autumn 1996
August 1996        “Architecture and Culture”, Carpet Museum, Tehran, Iran
March 1996    "The Role of architect in ancient Iran", Nashre Tarikh, Tehran         
December 1995    "Architectural Criticism Today", Azad University of Tabriz
November 1995    "The role of architect in ancient Iran", Tehran, Iran, The abstract published in Arg-e-Bam Op. Cit.
May 1987    "The Concept of Space in Iranian Mosque", the abstract published in Le Istituzioni Collettive,… op. cit.