Surname Afshar Naderi
Name Kamran
Date of birth Nov. 5th, 1959
E-Mail info [at], kamran_a_n[at]

Laurea di Dottore in Architecture
Genoa University, Italy
Grade 105/110

"Idea and Project in Iranian Islamic Architecture, XI - XVII centuary"

10/10 + Honourable Mention (This research is quoted by Prof. Edoardo Benvenuto, in "An Introduction to the History of Structural Mechanics", Springer-Verlag, New York, Heidelberg, Vol. II, 1993

Professional Memberships Since 1993 Order of Architects of Italy (Genoa)  Reg. N. 9182 Since 1994 Order of Architects of Iran Reg. N. 5704 – Highest grade (1st of the 3 levels) Since 1998 Partner of "Mémar Nashr", Publisher of  Mémar, a quarterly on architecture and urban design, and Shahr, an urban planning magazine.


Professional Experience

IRAN 1993-today


2019    Real-estate and technical evaluation of several industrial and administrative buildings for the Swiss Company Straumann near Tehran.
2019    Construction design and management of the Finish Embassy building in Tehran.
2019    Several Building Surveys for the British American Tobacco offices in Tehran.
2019    Italian Embassy Technical evaluation of the Embassy and Consulate buildings for the safary reasons, in procedure.
2019    Finland Embassy (on going)
2018    Villa Farzaneh (on going)
2018    Real estate advisory, broker service, design and supervision of Roche Company offices in Tehran (interior design – 1650 m2).
2017    Art work ( 9 x 3 m) for the lobby of the institute de civilisation musulman in Lyon, in collaboration with Leila Farzaneh (under procedure)

2017    Reinforcement Design (preliminary design) of the Historical Building belonging to the Italian Embassy (19th century), including the concept design of the new consulate building

2017    Design and refurbishment of the temporary offices of the Norwegian Embassy in Tehran

2016    Niavaran Building 7000 sqm, Shops and Offices
2016    Golkhandan Villa, 200 sqm building on 2000 sqm plot.
2014-5 Head of the design team in the Norwegian Embassy project, contracted to Intertecno.
2015    Remodeling of the Shahr Theatre in Tehran (the underground halls, offices and public spaces around 400 sqm).
2014    Remodeling, interior design and furniture of Bayer Headquarter in Tehran (with Habibeh Madjdabadi) (reviewed by Art and Architecture Magazine – spring 2015)

2013    Façade Design for Sanamed pharmaceutics office and factory.

2013-14 Takhtejamshid Restaurant in Doha (collaboration with ATIN Construction and Design Co), architecture and interior design, 600 sqm

2013    Saadi Villa complex near Tehran (10,000 sqm plot – 1200 sqm built area) with A.R Mashadimirza

2012    Karimi house, interior design (1100 sqm floor area)

2011    Real Estate Advisory regarding Bayer company buildings in Tehran.

2011-Present    Contract Manager of the new Embassy compound of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tehran.

2010-Present    Collaboration with Intertecno Engineering Firm As Architecture Consultant In The "Bonyad Office Headquarter refurbishment and upgrading Project".

2010-Present    Basic and detailed design of 20 villas in Golkhandan Residential Complex. Basic design stage.

2010-Present    Basic and detailed design of Head Optic showroom.

2010-Present    Contract Manager of the new residence building of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tehran.

2010-Present    Golkhandan residential complex on 15.000 sqm site, including master plan and detailed design of the land. Basic design stage.

2009-2010    Providing the Royal Norwegian Embassy with the Property Investigation Report, Tender Evaluation Report and Land Price Inquiry Report concerning the new embassy and residence buildings' plots.

2009-2011    Design and supervision of facade for Mellat Bank Branch in Tehran (Pilot design) (Nejatollahi branch)
2009    Design of facade for Mellat Bank Branch in Tehran (Pilot design) (Kafshemelli branch)

2008- Present    Collaboration with Intertecno Engineering Firm As Architecture Consultant In The "Azadi 5star Hotel refurbishment Project.

2008    Project Manager and Chief Designer of the Caspian Shopping Centre in Ghazvin, in collaboration with Khanesazi Consulting Firm.

2007-8    Design of Ebara Company headquarter in Parand industrial site near Tehran. 20.000 sqm lot and 8000 sqm construction.

2007     Site survey and geotechnical studies related to the new chancellery compound of Japan.

2007-2009     Design and supervision of the infrastructural work on the site of the Netherlands Embassy Compound related to the new chancellery and residence complex. Coordination and supervision of the detailed design and construction of the Embassy and Residence buildings.

2007     Taleghan tourist complex  on 170.000 sqm site, including master plan of the land, detailed design of 70.000 sqm, executive planning of the facilities such as restaurant, shops and outdoor spaces, typical plans for the residential units. Preliminary studies stage.

2006     Technical inspection and consultancy regarding the Venezuela Embassy building in Tehran.

2006     Design and supervision of MAN group offices in Tehran – 3000 sqm office building

2006     Design and supervision of Festo headquarter in Tehran – 8767 sqm compound, total floor area 6970 sqm-Project stopped for client's decision 

2005     Renovation of the three apartments belonging to Rauf Family in Tehran – 550 sqm

2005     Design and execution of the renovation and furniture project of self house and office in Tehran.

2005     Design and supervision of the Azimi House in Tehran – 800 sqm. Published on Mémar magazine – February March 2008

2005     Consultancy contract with Intertecno Company (Milan), as local expert, for renovation and remodelling of the Italy Embassy in Tehran

2004-5    Design and supervision of the remodelling project of the World Bank offices in Tehran.

2004-5    Design and supervision of the remodelling, reinforcing and furniture works in the Commercial Counsellor of the Austrian Embassy in Tehran. Published on Mémar magazine June-July 2006

2004-5    Design and execution of the refurbishment work and furniture in the Residence of the Netherlands Ambassador in Tehran.

2004-5    Design and execution of several refurbishment interventions in the Netherlands Embassy building in Tehran.

2004-5    Upgrading the royal Netherlands Embassy building for the safety and security measures (design and execution).

2004    Design and execution of the fire proof doors and glazing for the staircase of the United Nations in Tehran

2004     Designer and supervisor of the refurbishment project for the Italian Consulate new offices in Jordan St., Tehran – a new waiting hall has been also added to the renovated building

2004    Feasibility studies for refurbishment of the Austrian Embassy, trade section offices

2004    Interior and furniture design and execution of the Nuovo Pignone Company in Tehran (second stage) – 220 sqm

2004    Interior and furniture design and installation for the secretary section in the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tehran

2003    Curator of the preliminary studies of the restoration project of the Italian Embassy in Tehran.

2002-3    Project manager of the project of the Iranian Embassy in Brasilia, collaborating with Shirdel and Partner architecture office.

2002-3    Designer and supervisor of the refurbishment and the interior architecture project of the Shell’s headquarter offices in Tehran (phase 2)
2002     Contractor of the restoration project of the Danish Residence ,a 19th century building in the central part of Tehran (Kooshk st.)

2001-2    Project manager and supervisor of the refurbishment and the interior architecture project of the Shell’s headquarter offices in Tehran (3850 sqm) with a particular attention to the Health, Safety and Environmental Control management and the ergonomic standards (phase 1)
    The project appeared in "Me’mar", Spring 2002

2001-4    Architectural designer of the Bibi confectionery factory in Karaj (1600 sqm)

2001    Site manager and contractor of the refurbishment and the interior architecture project of the Nuovo Pignone’s office in Tehran (220 sqm) – first stage

2001    Architectural designer and supervisor of the refurbishment works in the Conference hall of the Italian Ambassador’s Residence Compound in Tehran

2001    Architectural designer and contractor of the Kindergarten amusement park of the Italian School in Tehran

2000    Site manager and contractor of refurbishment works in the Italian Counsellor’s Residence (Mr. Morabito’s House) in Tehran.

2000    Restoration plan of the“conference Building” in the historical garden of Farmanieh (extension of the main hall).

2000    Refurbishment project of "Villa Formasa" in Gargano (Puglia - Italy)       
2000    Architectural and executive project of "Warehouse for technical instruments" in Salafchegan (Qom - Iran)   
2000    Architectural and executive project of "Office building" in Salafchegan (Qom - Iran)

2000    Architectural project of the "Villa of yousefpoor - Keshavarz", Karaj (Iran)

1999    Remodelling project and site supervision of "Italian Embassy office building" in Tehran

1999    Restoration project and construction supervision of the"Conference Building" in the historical garden of Farmanieh (the Italian Ambassador Residence in Tehran).

1999    Restoration project and construction supervision for the extension of the annex building in Farmanieh Garden (Tehran- Iran)

1997    Interior design and executive supervision of the " SET show room" in Tehran (refurbishment project)

1996    Responsible for the urban planning project of "Restoration of Tehran City Facades", the second stage, in collaboration with Mehrazan Architectural Consultant Company, for Tehran Municipality.

1996    Architectural project of “Neyrizi riding ground and sportive complex” near Karaj

1995    Architectural project of "Ekbatan Cultural Centre", the first stage, in collaboration with "Bahram Shirdel and Partners Architectural Consultant”

1998-99    Designing and supervising some architectural restorations in the historical building complex of Farmanieh (the Residence of Italian Ambassador)

1995    Participation in the international competition for Korea National museum, the project appeared in "Architecture et Urbanism", n.31,32 -1996

1994-2002    Constructional inspection of more than 60 residential and office buildings in Tehran           
1993 - 94    Employed at "Arseh Architecture and Town Planning Company" as the head architect in the following projects in Tabriz (Iran):
•    Nezami Ganjavi overpass
•    Nezami Ganjavi square and commercial centre
•    Railway  station
•    Comprehensive plan of Tabriz public squares

1993    Employed at the "Planning and Programming Department" in Municipality of Karaj


1987-1993 ITALY

 1992 - 93    Employed at STI - Studio Tecnico d'Ingegneria (Technical Engineering Company) in the following projects:
•    Lisichansk Polypropilene Plant (Ucraine)
•    Arak Power Station (Iran)
•    Saline Water Conversion Plant (Riyadh - Saudi Arabia)

1991 - 92    Collaboration with "Avagliano-Gambardella Architects" in the following projects:
•    Master plan for Ceranesi
•    Cataloguing of Chiavari Municipality real estates
1991    Collaboration with "Nascimbene and Panfoli Engineering Company" in the project of the Nuodong Thermoelectric Power Station (China)

1990    Employed by "Renzo Piano Building Workshop" (one of the most famous architectural offices in the world) as an architect on the following projects:
•    Osaka Airport (Japan)
•    Reusing of the FIAT LINGOTTO complex in Turin (remodelling project)

1989 - 90    Employed at "Labò Foundation", (a research centre involved in the field of computerised urban information system)

1987    Collaboration with "Studio Dueti" for elaboration of the typological research chapter of the Siena Master Plan


Teaching Positions

 2008 - 2009          Soureh University, Tehran IRAN
            Course:  Architectural theory and Contemporary architecture

2007              Azad University, Tehran IRAN
            Course:  Architectural theory

2001 – 2002         Khane Honarmandan (Artist’s House), Tehran IRAN
Free Post graduate courses:  Theory of architectural design and Project management

1993 – 2000        Azad University, Tehran IRAN
            Course:  History of Architecture and Architectural Design
1998 - 1999        Andisheh Cultural Centre, Tehran, IRAN
            Shafagh Cultural Centre, Tehran, IRAN
            Courses:  Design Methods and Principles

Research Projects    

 2000    "Honorarium and Services for Restoration Works", Client: Organization of the Cultural Heritage"

1998    "The Characteristics of Iranian Architecture, a critical and methodological approach", employer: Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

1997    "Iranian Industrial Architecture Between the Two World Wars"
employer: Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

1996    A methodological study for a possible approach method in Iranian Contemporary Historiography, employer: Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

1996    Theoretical studies propounding the compilation of the fundamentals of setting city facades of Tehran for the Mehrazan Architectural Consultant, Client: Tehran Municipality

1993 – 1995    For Tehran Municipalities; Ministry of Housing and Urban Development; Much research in such areas as:
•    Theoretical Basis of Studying Iranian Architectural Characteristics;
•    Approach Method of Historiography of Contemporary Iranian Architecture;

1995    A research on national and international experiences concerning restoration of city facades for the Mehrazan Architectural Consultant, Client: Tehran Municipality

1995    "Tehran City Spaces", employer: Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

1993    A critical study about the approach method of designing a new public square in Tabriz (for Arseh Arch. Company, Client: Tabriz Municipality)


Lectures and Interviews


2019          “Corso di Storia della Scienza e delle telle tecniche costruttive”,L’Architettura iranana contemporanea , Dipartmento Architettura E Design ,Scuola Politecnica ,Fondazione Ordine degli 2019                    Architetti PPC della Provinica di Genova (4 Apr)
2019          “Tendenze dell’archittuta contemporanea in iran” ,Aula Magna ,Facolta di Architettura Sapienza Universita di Roma Via Gramsci ,53 Roma (28 Mar)
2019          “The tendency of contemporary architecture in Iran” , Soore University ,Tehran ,(24 Apr)
2019          “Architectural mission” , Artists House ,Tehran, (25 Apr)

2018          “Forward & Rewind’ Iranian Visionary Architecture”, Kualalumpur.
2018          Arbitration criteria in architectural competitions) Inside and outside Iran(, Mashhad
2018          “Cityscape and City Identity, 6th Biennial of Tehran’s urban Sculptures”,
2018          Tehran Beautification Organization, (2 Oct)
2018          “Architectural Contests in Italy, 1st Biennial of Architectural and Ubanism Competitions”, Tehran University, 15th October
2018          “Edoardo Benvenuto un Uomo Del Rinascimento Nel XX Secolo”, Genoa , Dipartmento Architettura E Design ,Scuola Politecnica ,Aula Benvenuto , Stradone Di Sant’agostino (29 Nov)

2017          “Reithinking Pei – A Centenary Symposium”, Hong-Kong University and GSD Harvard”, Pei’s Planning for Channing the Centre of Tehran.
2017          “Introductory speech”, Between Architecture, Engineering and Nature, at Azadi Convention Hall, with the presence of Prof. Massimo Corradi
2017          “Iranian Contemporary Architecture and the Challenge of Globalization”, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
2017          “The Future of Plasco Building”, House of Artists
2017          “Architettura Iraniana, lezioni di storia, racconto orale come forma alternative della trasmissione delle nozioni costrutive”, University of Genoa, Faculty of Architecture.
2017           “The Role of Architectural Criticism in Post-revolution Iran”, Symposium “From Crisis to Crisis”, University of Hong Kong
2017           “Criticism of Iranian Contemporary Architecture”, at Speid TV program, Amozesh Channel.

2016           “Award for Architecture or Architecture for Award”, Architectural Events n. 4, at Dr. Afshar Convention Hall, in Tehran

Dec.  2016   Hard-Talk Moderator: Architecture for Prise or Prise for Architecture, Tehran
Oct.  2016    5 Minutes talk: Architecture and Education, Tehran, House of Artists
Jul.   2016    Architettura ed edilizia in Iran: Bolzano

Jul.   2016    Giornata di consulenza sull’Iran: architettura ed edilizia, in Pordenone
Dec. 2015    Interview in a TV show “Sepid”, Amozesh Channel .
Dec. 2015    Interview in a TV show “Taraz”, Ofogh Channel.
Feb. 2015    “Iranian architecture and the problem of Identity”– at the National Congress of the Islamic Style of life and Architecture - Elmo Sanaat University.
Feb. 2015    “Design Challenges”, at Contemporay Architec’s Association. 

Jun 2014    Reviewing Mohammadreza Ghoddousi projects, Panel with Arch. Kermanian and Nikbakht, at Ghasr Cultural Center

May 2014     “ Idea and Creativity” Seminar and Workshop at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus

May 2014     'Idea and Creativity, Qazvin Azad University

May 2014     'Idea and Creativity, Organization for Engineering Order of Building, Babolsar    

Mar 2014   'Architects in challenge with business', Azadi Grand Hotel

Jan 2014       'Renzo Piano', Cine Arch, Iranian Artists House                  

Oct 2013 Parametric Design, Centre of Iranian Architectural,

October 2013         Arkimeet 13, lecture in the conference,  perspective of Iranian Architecture, Turkey (7 October 2013)

April 2012              Interview in a TVshow “ TOLOU” (15 April 2012)

January 2012     Interview in a TVshow “ TOLOU” (16 January 2012)

May 2011          “Concept: from general to detail”, lecture in the conference in Mashhad (23 May 2011)

May 2011          “Designing Ugly”, lecture in the conference in Bari, Italy (2 May 2011)

January 2011     Interview in a TVshow “ TOLOU”
July 2010     “Jean Nouvel”, lecture in the Cine Arch, House of Artists, Tehran (22 July 2010)
May 2009     “Design Process in the Architecture”, lecture in the seminar of “Design Process in the Architecture”, Shariati University, Tehran (30 May 2009)

May 2009     “Design Process in the Architecture”, lecture in the seminar of “Design Process in the Architecture”, Azad University, Hamedan (27 May 2009)

May 2009     “Today’s Architecture”, lecture in the educational course of “Iranian Contemporary Architecture”,  Urban and Architecture Studying and Researching Center of the Housing and Urban Development Ministry, Tehran (24 May 2009)

April 2009     “Corporate Architecture Design of Banks”, lecture in the seminar of “Design and Construction Process of Intelligent Agents of Banks and New Executive Methods”, Amphitheater of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization, Tehran (30 April 2009)

April 2009     “Lighting Design and Architecture”, lecture in the MIRMIRAN Institute of Architecture ceremony day, House of Artists, Tehran (22 April 2009), Published in Mémari va Shahrsazi (No. 94/95) Summer 2009

September 2008     Interview in a TVshow “ DO GHADAM MANDE BE SOBH”

August 2008     Design Principles in Architecture, 5 seminars, House of Artists, Tehran

April 2008     Interview with Radio Farhang, Haft Eghlim Program, 10 April

Feb 2008    Architecture and Taste”: House of Artists (17 Feb 2008).

Jan 2008    “Introduction to the Adolf Loos Exhibition”: organized by Kulturforum of the Austrian Embassy. Place: Mellal Palace – Saadabad complex (ex Royal Palaces). 25 Jan 2008, 25 Jan 2008., appeared on Mémar June-July 2008

Dec 2007    “Architecture and Taste”: Azad University of Ghaem Shahr (13 Dec 2007)

Nov. 2007    “Architectural Design: second seminar : Form”, Azad University of Ghazvin (14 Nov. 2007)

Nov. 2007    “Architectural Design: first seminar : Idea”, Azad University of Ghazvin (3 Nov. 2007)

July 2007         "Architecture Competitions", Interview with Radio Farhang, Haft Eghlim Program, , 25 July 2007 (3 Mordad 86).

May 2007         "Iranian Contemporary Architecture After the Islamic Revolution", Interview with Radio Farhang, Haft Eghlim Program, , May 23rd 2007 (2 Khorad 86).

January 2007     "Office Buildings in Tehran", together with Hassan Tajoddin, & Abbas Basiri, interview published on Mémar February-March 2007.  
December 2006     "We have a relatively independent architecture", interview published on Etemad Melli newspaper (in Persian), 7 Dec. 2006

November 2006     "Concept in Architecture", congress organized by the Student Committee of the Azad University, National Library, Tehran (2 Azar 1385)

November 2006    "Original Idea", roundtable about the project of Shiraz Trade Center by Bahram Shirdel, Mémar, Oct. Nov. 2006

January 2006    “Critic of Bahram shokoohian’s latest works”, House of Artists” (18.01.2006)

December 2005    “Nature of Architectural Criticism”, Participating as speaker to the seminar organized by Aga khan Award for Architecture in Kuwait City.

June 2004    “Persia look in costruzioni:: title of article in Sole 24 Ore magazine (06.06.2004)

May 2004    Gas Company Building, Mehrdad Iravanian, Mémar Magazine May 2004

May 2004     Iranian contemporary architecture after the revolution: title of an interview by Radio Lugano Svizzero (17.05.2004)

2004    Interviewed by Mémar regarding the architecture of the public buildings (Mémar Quarterly, Spring 2004)

April 2003     Interviewed by Hmashahri about he earthquake in Bam (03.04.2004), the article is entitled The Importance of Architecture when saving the life is the major issue”

January 2004      Interviewed by “Radio France International RFI” about the earthquake in Bam

December 2003       “Architecture and the society of values”, interviewed by Hamshahri magazine (December 1st) regarding the Mémar Awards for Architecture

October 2003    “Contemporary Iranian Architecture: the last decade”, Radio Farhang, 19 October 2003

September 2003    “Architecture and Function”, Seminar in House of Artists, reviewed by Mémar Autumn 2003

Autumn 2002    A critique on Farshid  Moosavi and Alejandro Zaero Polo’s Yokohama International Port Terminal, appeared in Mémar, Autumn 2002
June 2002    Interviewed by Iranian television Channel 3, concerning the profession of architecture and its current problems in Iran

June 2002    “Pioneers Movement at the Beginning of the 3rd Millenium”, Azad University of Tehran.

May 2002    “Concept in Architectural Project Design”, Azad University of Shiraz

April 2001    "Interviewed by Radio Ticino Canale 1 (Lugano, Swizerland) on Islamic architecture (April 14th 2001)

April 2001    "Iran Between Architecture and Archaeology: the Friday Mosque of Isfahan", organized by the Archaeological Aassociation of Ticino (Swizerland), appeared in the newspapers: “La regione Ticino”, April, 19th 2001: “ Iran e Islam, architettura e archeologia” andCorriere del Ticino, April 12th, 2001: “Iran con occhio dell’architetto, Kamran Afshar Naderi era ospite martedì dell’Associazione Archeologica.

January 2001    "The New Concepts of Architectural Space", The House of Artists, Tehran

November 2000    "How Buildings Lay on the Ground" "The House of Artists, Tehran

October 2000    "Exportation Development Bank", a project of Bahram Shirdel, The House of Artists, Tehran, Iran; the abstract published in Me'mar, Autumn 2000

June 2000        "Renzo Piano Recent Works" The House of Artists, Tehran

Winter 1999    Interview with Me'mar review, published in Me'mar, n.3 winter 1999

October 1999    Chairmanship of lecture series entitled "Architecture and Philosophy" and
"Architecture and People", University Students National Congress, Persepolis, Iran

July 1999    Interviewed by BBC Radio: comments on recent Tehran's Mayor declarations

February 1999    "Euralille Urban Complex and the problems of a new Metropolis", Architecture and Urban Planning Department of Tehran Municipality", the abstract published in Hamshahri newspaper, 17 February 1999 and in Hamgaman Bulletin, nn. 80-81, 1999

September 1997    "Tehran's Future Identity", Nashre Tarikh, Tehran

May 1997    "Building Technology: actual problems", Sharif Technological University, Tehran

Winter 1997    "What can be learned from past architecture", Urban Planning and Architecture Research Centre, Tehran, Iran, The abstract published in Abadi, Winter 1997

November 1996    "Propounding a New Outlook on Urban Architecture", Azad University of Khorasgan, Isfahan

October 1996         "Architectural Litrature", Nashre Tarikh, Tehran

Autumn 1996    "Architecture: Art or Industry", Urban Planning and Architecture research Centre of The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the abstract published in Abadi, Autumn 1996

August 1996        “Architecture and Culture”, Carpet Museum, Tehran, Iran

March 1996    "The Role of architect in ancient Iran", Nashre Tarikh, Tehran         
December 1995    "Architectural Criticism Today", Azad University of Tabriz

November 1995    "The role of architect in ancient Iran", Tehran, Iran, The abstract published in Arg-e-Bam Op. Cit.

May 1987    "The Concept of Space in Iranian Mosque", the abstract published in Le Istituzioni Collettive,… op. cit.


Selected publications (Architecture and Urban Design)

1    "Le istituzioni collettive nelle città islamiche", Genoa (ITALY) University Publications, 1987  
2    "A Criticism on Theoretical Fundamentals of Iran's Academies Project." Architecture et Urbanisme, N. 28-29, Tehran, 1994.

3    "A Critique of the National Library Designs”, Abadi, Summer 1995, Tehran.

4    "Architectural Language, Reconstruction of an Old Building”, Abadi, Summer 1995, Tehran.

5    Tall Buildings and Tehran Irresolute Cityscape", Abadi, Fall, 1995 (Tehran)

6    "The Combination of Opposites in Iranian Architecture”, Abadi, Winter 1996, and a special English issue on Iranian architecture, Winter 1996, Tehran

7    "The Role of the Architect", The History of Architecture and Urban Planning In Iran.  Arg-e-Bam (Abstracts of Congress), Vol. III, March, 1996.

8    "Law, Plan Regulation" (in collaboration with Mr. Reza Nassir Salami), Abadi, Spring 1996 (Tehran)

9    "Iranian Architecture Today, seeking a bridge between the East and the West", Abadi, Summer 1996 (Tehran)

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17    "The Plan for the Organisation of Iranian Architectural Space", Architecture et Urbanisme, June - September 1997

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26    "From Idea to Form", Me'mar, Spring 1999 (Tehran)

27    “Nella battaglia d’estate Khatami per ora è in ritirata”, La Repubblica, 17 July 1999

28    “Una città quasi tranquilla dove tutto è rinviato a domani”, La Repubblica, 18 July 1999

29    “La tivù dà notizie e i giornali vanno a ruba”, La Repubblica, 20 July 1999,

30    "Effects of Iranian Construction Sciences on European Medieval Architecture:  a structure computational method of the Seljukian Era", Me'mar, Spring 1999.

31    "Moschea e Centro Culturale Islamico a Roma", Me'mar, Spring 1999.

32    "From Matter to Image”, Architecture and Culture (only in Persian language), N. 1, Tehran, Summer 1999

33    "From Form to Space", Me'mar,  Summer 1999
34    “Stage designing of Ali Rafii performance, ‘Blood Wedding’ " (only in Persian), Me'mar, Summer 1999

35    "City, Between Myth and Reality", Shahr, (only in Persian language), October 1999

36    "City, Dimensions and Elements", Shahr, December 1999 (only in Persian language)

37    "From Function to Place", Me'mar, Autumn 1999

38    "Firouz Firouz" (criticism), Me'mar, Autumn 1999

39    "Image of the City", Shahr, Winter 2000

40    "Creativity", Me'mar, Winter 2000

41    Other Side of the Bridge" on Mario Botta, Me'mar, Winter 2000

42    "The problem of Proportions in Persepolis (the Hall of the Hundred Columns)." (only in Persian language) Me'mar, Winter 1999.

43    "Some Considerations on Tehran subway Project", Shahr (only in Persian language , Spring 2000

44    "Renzo Piano", Me'mar, Spring 2000
45    "Imagination in Architecture", Me'mar, Spring2000

46    "Genoa Expo", Shahr, (only in Persian language), Summer 2000

47    "Pioneers Revive Expressionism in Their Works", Me'mar, Summer 2000

48    "Techniques of Creation", Me'mar, Summer 2000

49    "Rem Koolhaas", Me'mar, autumn 2000

50    "Kamran Diba memories", Me'mar, Autumn 2000 (only in Persian language)

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Competitions and Exhibitions

 2014     Jury Member of Ofogh Arghavan multifunction complex
Competition in Mashhad (May 2014)

2013           This self and That self, Exebition fpr national Architect day

2013           Member of the Jury "Top student in architecture Competition" , Center for Architecture, October 2013

2013       Member of th Jury "KHAK" Architectural Prize, Alborz Municipal, October 2013

2012          Member of the Jury in the "Memar's Grand Prize (12th edition) – See Mémar n. 75
2011     Member of the Jury in the “Mémar’s Grand Prize (11th edition) – See Mémar n. 70

2010    Member of the Jury in the competition for the “Designing of the new Kayson headquarter”, organized by Kayson company.

2010    Member of the Jury in the competition for the “Sign of the Maskan bank”, organized by Maskan bank.

2010    Member of the Jury in the competition for the “Facade and shelter design of the office building in Kish island”, organized by Saba Naft company.

2010    Member of the Jury in the competition for the “Maskan bank headquarter in Tehran”, organized by Maskan bank.

2010    Member of the Jury in the competition for the “Engineers club of the Organization for Engineering Order of Building- Gilan”, organized by Organization for Engineering Order of Building- Gilan.

2009     Member of the Jury in the “Mémar’s Grand Prize (9th edition) – See Mémar n. 58

2008    Member of the Jury in the competition for the “Science and Technology Building in Kermanshah”, organized by Physical Development Research Centre.

2007     "School Design and Iranian Architecture", organized by State Organization of Schools Renovation, in collaboration with Firouz Firouz, published on Mémar, April-May 2007

2006    Member of the jury in the competition for the SADERAT BANK corporate design (branch façade concept).

2006     Chairman of the jury session in the  "Mémar’s Grand Prize for Residential buildings" (6th edition) – See Mémar n. 40

2005     Member of the Jury in the “Mémar’s Grand Prize for Public buildings" (5th edition) – See Mémar n. 34

2004     Member of the Jury in the “Mémar’s Grand Prize for Residential buildings" (4th edition) – See Mémar n. 28
2003    Member of the Jury in the “Mémar’s Grand Prize for Public Buildings. Mr. Fumihiko Maki who participated in the jury as well, is the one of the most famous architects of the world. The news appeared in Iranian Television Channels 1 and 4 23rd and 24th of December; Iran magazine December 2003, Hamshahri 26.10.2003, Shargh 25.10.03, Iran 22 November 2003, Hamshahri 25 Nov. 2003, Mehra 10 January 2004, Yas-e-No 15 January 2004, Mémar Winter 2003-4

2002    Member of the Jury in the “Me’mar’s Grand Prize for Residential Building”, appeared in Hamshahri 2002-10-08 , Mémar Winter 2002-3, Iran 19 January 2003, Jamejam 19 January 2003, Web site

2001    Member of the Jury of the competition for “Presidential Technological “Centre of  Iran: FADAK” (Tehran), appeared in “Me’mar”, Autumn 2001

2001    Member of the Jury in the “Me’mar’s Grand Prize of Architecture”, appeared in “Me’mar”, Winter 2001-2

1999    Stage setting of the fashion show in the Italian Embassy Compound in Tehran (Farmanieh)

1998    Furniture design and fitting out the exhibition, entitled “A glimpse on the East”, organized by “Italian National Institute for Graphics”, in the “Museum of the Contemporary Arts” in Tehran.

1997    Committee member of Azadi Cinema competition and member of the relevant jury.

1996    Membership of the jury of Abadi Review competition entitled "Ideal City."

1987    Curator of an exhibition and a seminar concerning public institutions in the Islamic cities,
Monastery of Santa Maria di Castello, Genova.